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Transforming Measuring Tapes into Unique Fan Merchandise

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Welcome to the future of fan merchandise with Rollowise!

What is Rollowise?
Rollowise is an innovative measuring tape designed to enhance the fan experience. Combining practicality with entertainment, Rollowise measures distances up to 3 meters while playing back audio clips related to the images printed on the tape. Each tape features the colors and logo of your team/club with themed images and audio clips that bring your favorite team's history, players, and achievements to life.


Key Features


  • Dual Functionality: Measures distances up to 3 meters with precision.

  • Interactive Audio: Plays pre-recorded audio clips when the tape stops at specific images.

  • Themed Images: Showcases iconic moments, players, and highlights from your team’s rich history.

  • Fan Engagement: A unique way for fans to connect with their favorite team.

  • High-Quality Design: Durable and built to last, ensuring long-term fan engagement.


Benefits for Teams

  • Enhanced Merchandise Offering: Stand out with a unique product that blends utility and entertainment.

  • Increased Fan Loyalty: Engage fans with interactive and memorable content.

  • Revenue Generation: A new and innovative product that fans will love to purchase.

  • Brand Promotion: Every use of Rollowise promotes your team’s brand and history.


Why Choose Rollowise?

Rollowise offers a novel way to connect with fans, providing them with a piece of the team’s history that they can interact with daily. It’s a practical tool that also serves as a constant reminder of their passion and loyalty to their favorite team.

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